I am Donald Scalzoand I graduated with a degree in English from Vanderbilt University and received my law degree from the University of Mississippi. At Ole Miss, I was an Articles Editor and Research Editor for the Mississippi Law Journal. I was also the Managing Editor of the Fifth Circuit Reporter, which reviewed pending and recently decided cases from the Fifth Circuit. After law school, I clerked for United States District Judge Tom S. Lee in the Southern District of Mississippi and Judges E. Grady Jolly and Rhesa H. Barksdale with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Neal & Harwell

After my clerkships, I worked for the firm of Neal & Harwell in Nashville and then with firms in my home state of Mississippi. I returned to Nashville in 1995 to work in a corporate law department and began my solo practice in 1998.

I am licensed to practice in Mississippi and Tennessee. I am a member of the Nashville Bar Association, the Tennessee Bar Association, the Mississippi Bar Association and the Nashville Songwriters Association International. I am also a Tennessee Rule 31 listed mediator and a founding member of the Tennessee Association of Professional Mediators.

Successful practice

The internet and outsourcing have enabled me to build a successful practice of providing legal research and writing services to other lawyers around the country. This unique practice is a win-win situation for me and for my clients. I can combine my broad experience in litigation and judicial clerkships with a genuine passion for legal research and writing. With that combination, I provide writing projects that help my lawyer-clients better represent their own clients, without the overhead of an additional full-time attorney.

My unique practice also gives me the opportunity to pursue my interests in legal research and writing while maintaining a flexible schedule that is or should be the envy of every lawyer in the country.

Why i started this blog

This is one of the reasons why I started this blog. Nowadays, many people are facing various legal issues, and they are often a subject of fraud. Whether they hire unprofessional or inexperienced lawyers, or they are charged too much for the services. This is my way of contributing to the society and helping everyone.