Top three mistakes to avoid when hiring a lawyer

Top three mistakes to avoid when hiring a lawyer

Every legal situation demands the services of a lawyer, so it’s essential to get the best advice your budget allows. Making a mistake, in this case, means wasting time and money. But, to make this process easier, we have compiled a list of things you should avoid when contacting a legal expert.

Don’t hire a lawyer too soon

Some people set up a meeting without knowing what they really need or want. To learn about this process, you should approach a pro bono legal transaction clinic they can provide you basic legal advice and point you out in the right direction. But, before you make any final decisions, you should consult a couple of attorneys and compare their services and prices. You would be surprised at the difference and quality of services you could discover.

Hiring an uncle, Tom

In these cases, many people consider contracting old college friends or a relative, but this is a wrong decision. You need a specialist who will solve your problem and help you overcome your legal situation. For instance, if you hire someone who isn’t an expert in your area, then he or she might not know the norms or structures, which can lead you to mistakes. To avoid such problem, talk to people who had similar legal issues, they might be able to recommend you the right person for this task. Referral is the best solution and can save you a lot of troubles.

Believing that bigger is always better

Many individuals who are facing the legal consequences think if they hire a larger law firm, they will get more prominent services. But, that’s not always the case. The larger the company, the more work they have, and it means they will not always have the time to assist your needs. So, don’t waste your money until you verify their services because even smaller law firms can offer you better conditions for less money. Go for bigger guns if you are facing a massive lawsuit, you need more attorneys to work on your case.

What should you expect from a lawyer?

What should you expect from a lawyer?

Most problems people experience with layers fall into three categories: communication, competence, and fee. In rare cases, they only experience one issue because problems tend to spill over into two or more categories. However, as a client, you have the right to expect from your attorney certain conditions in each of these areas.


This issue can cause you to think that you have a lousy lawyer when you actually don’t, or that your lawyer is doing a poor job when he isn’t. In fact, your attorney should provide you the basic description of your legal matter and tell you what problems to expect, how he will handle them when they appear. And we shouldn’t mention that he is obligated to return your calls and answer any questions you may have about the case. This is a basic courtesy, but many lawyers tend to neglect it. So, if you notice such behavior, make sure to talk with your attorney, so you don’t end up in a problem.


This is a huge shock for many people, but no one will guarantee you competence when you hire a lawyer. Sure, he may have passed the bar exam, but this exam was at the beginning of his career, which isn’t that significant. If you make a complaint to a bar association, all you are likely to get in return is a shrug. The bar association will go after lawyers who steal or violate specific rules, not lawyers who don’t know how to manage the case. On the other hand, if your attorney makes a mistake that causes you to lose money, then it’s called malpractice and you can use it. Unfortunately, malpractice suits are costly to bring and tough to win.


Lawyers’ bills are one of the most common areas of contention with clients. The usual complaints are:

My bill is too high; it’s not what we talked about.

My bill isn’t itemized, I have no idea how he calculated the costs, and he won’t discuss the price with me.

My lawyer did a poor job, and I don’t want to pay for his service.

He padded his bill, and he charged me 30 minutes for every 2-minute phone call.

When you hire a lawyer, make sure that you have the fee agreement in writing. In this way, you will ensure the proper billing and avoid any troubles in the future.

How to select the right lawyer?

How to select the right lawyer?

Whether you are filing for a divorce, or you are drafting a will or trust, or you are selling or buying your property, it is essential to select the best attorney possible. We are going to provide you a couple of tips that will assist you in choosing the right lawyer for your needs.

Hire an honest lawyer

Many attorneys offer an initial consultation free of charge, and you should take advantage of this. Use this meeting to evaluate his personal qualities and to determine whether he is honest or not. Instinctively, some people can figure out an individual character within a couple of minutes of interacting with a person. But, if you are struggling with this, maybe you should pay attention to his body language.  For instance, is the lawyer looking you in the eyes when he is speaking with you, or at the ground? Keep in mind that people who don’t maintain the eye contact usually have the problem with honesty.


Responsive and detailed

The initial meeting should help you determine whether your lawyer is thorough oriented and responsive to your needs. Again, you should rely on your instinct. Make sure it’s alright to call your attorney during the case and discuss any concern you have. If he or she disagrees with your suggestion, then you might encounter problems in the future and have difficulties obtaining answers. The questions should sound something like this:

Will I get occasional updates in written or by phone?

Will you be my main point of contact or the communication will go through paralegal?

There is nothing worse than having an attorney who is not responsive to your needs and demands. So, until the end of your case, make sure that your attorney is communicative.

Price range

clockFinding the right attorney means finding the one whose services you can afford. With that in mind, you should always inquire about the costs of service he or she is providing. After all, it would be devastating for your budget to find out that lawyer is charging you per the letter, per the hearing, or in some other manner. This will only encourage him to drag the case so he can collect the more significant fee than usual. If you are wondering what’s the fair price, well that depends on individual circumstances. For simple matter you may expect the costs up to $ 1.200, but for more complex issues that price can go up to $4.000.

Seek lawyers with experience

An experienced attorney will provide you efficiency and skills. It is essential that lawyer you hire has extensive experience in the area of the law which you require the services.