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If you or your loved ones are facing a severe legal issue, then you need an aggressive defense plan. On our blog, you can find the most comprehensive information, which can help you deal with any legal situation and point you out in the right direction.

We have been providing legal research and writing services on a contract basis to other attorneys since 1998. Our blog features clients such as law firms, solo practitioners and corporations throughout the country.

Our Services

The services we provide services include:

Preparation of pretrial motions and responses, including: Motions for summary judgment, Discovery motions, Motions in limine, Preparation of appellate briefs in state and federal jurisdictions Legal research and compilation of significant cases on particular points, Updating research for oral argument and settlement purposes, Editing of legal memoranda or briefs; and Last minute research assignments during trial and settlement negotiations.


Our team of experts provides legal research and writing services to lawyers on an hourly basis. We are also available for speaking and training on legal research and writing. If you have any legal issues, don’t hesitate to contact us because we will offer you the best legal counseling.


There are a couple of reasons why you should trust your service:

We will provide you the best legal counseling

We are working with the top legal experts in the country

Your legal issues are our top priority



He is the best defense attorney in the entire Nashville, and he is often a guest on our blog section. He will provide you the best legal help and information, regardless of the case, you are dealing with. 


She is the top law expert in various legal fields, and she has been with us for the last ten years. She provides legal help and offers our clients the best possible solutions.


If you need in-depth research or you want to update your previous legal case, then Steven can help you. He is specialized in following the cold leads and resolving the old claims.


Considering our blog is specialized in legal issues, we want to broaden our services. They will include various fields that aren’t contained in our offer and we want to start with criminal law as well. This will provide us an opportunity to help a large number of individuals who are struggling with the law.


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